Welcome to HATA - Horticulture & Agriculture
Teachers Association of New Zealand

HATA provides support for teachers with resources, content and conferences. Get access to the Members only section of our website, featuring valuble information and resources. 

The Horticulture and Agriculture Teachers Association of New Zealand (HATA) is a subject association dedicated to improving the teaching and promoting the New Zealand secondary subject Horticulture and Agriculture nationally.

HATA encourages, supports and shares information about curriculum, teaching and learning, through the running of biennial conferences, managing a website (hata.nz), publishing quarterly newsletters and regular communication with their members.

Why join HATA?

  • Networking
  • Subject interest
  • Support curriculum
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Updates on curriculum and resources
  • Access to resources

What does HATA do?

  • Provides expertise and experience
  • Communicates with members via email
  • Liaises with other organisations (MoE, NZQA, PPTA…)
  • Provides / advertises professional development opportunities
  • Participates / supports the running of conferences
  • Provides / produces resources
  • Source of advice to MoE
  • Advocacy role with MoE, NZQA, etc.